Time flys….or does when I want to throw my alarm across the room

So, finally after 10 days of having a big black imaginary X (erected during a period of illness advising people to STAY AWAY.) across our front door, that time has come; to return the kids to school.

Most mums/dads will agree that actually while during family illness; (one child after the next, very kindly staggering their spreading of germs, until eventually the parents fall foul of the dreaded flu), that being able to legitimately switch off the alarm ,whether it be an actual alarm clock or that wonderful function on your mobile, is pure bliss.

It removes that “one more thing to think about” syndrome. It allows the family to wallow in self pity, two/three day old PJs, and not have get up. In fact the only thing, apart from a child needing you, that consciousness is required for, is that phone call to the respective school, advising of absense………and yet despite being a fully grown adult (I think, I mean I have a Husband and kids and everything!!) I always still get made to feel like they do not believe me…..I fumble to find the right words and description of the illness which is preventing my offspring from attending class and therefore spreading more germs.

But once I have made that call and satisfied (I hope) the school office manager; relief takes over and I can recommence the moaning, sweating, coughing and bumbling about looking shockingly unattractive in peace. I can veg on the sofa with one of the many children who are ill, snuggling under a blanket, playing verbal “my symptoms are worse than yours” tennis with Husband from one sofa to another. It is, dare I admit it, quite nice actually.

It’s a time when you can all come together, all plans are cancelled , visitors are advised to stay away; you can slob around in jogging bottoms without the worry of makeup or hair looking good because you know that you wont be seeing anyone.

However, after seven or so days, you realise (thanks to the Husbands boss harassing him day after day after day for his return to “that place”, and the fact that your kitchen cupboards are in desperate need of being replenished) that eventually you and your loved ones have to reenter the world of the living……this means that the most hated item in the house has to be reset/switched on…….the ALARM!!!!

And if it wasn’t for the fact that I use that alarm function on my very-expensive-very-clever-and-too-flashy-for-stay-at-home-mum-husband-would-shout-lots-if-it-got-broken moblie phone…..time would have flown, across my bedroom at immense speed into the wall when that irritating noise went off this morning!

And so we’re back, to health (well as much as can be expected) and that period of illness, A.K.A. family slobbing time is o.v.e.r……..until next time!


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