The lights are on……

So I am fairly new to this blogging business….I only started a week and a half ago, but discovered very quickly just how addictive it can be. Well for me anyway….!

Within a day or two, every thought I had, conversation I took part in or overheard, suddenly became potential blogging material. I began making mental lists. Storing little tit-bits in my head to dig up later and build upon.

I even joked with the Husband that he “should be careful from now on, or I’ll blog about you!”. He laughed, didn’t he believe me??!!

I haven’t written a new post for week, for a number of reasons:

1. I simply haven’t have much free time. I have three children – finding time during the day to sit quietly is not easy. Many Mums will agree with me on this one.

2. I have struggled with what to post about. Ok, so I have had lots and lots of potential topics, but I worry that they maybe too “political” or honest, for me as someone who has only just started this. Surely if I begin to post about topics which are too serious so soon, I may lose readers, and/or get tarnished as a moaner.

3. I also do not want to just post about anything and everything. I want whatever topic I choose to have some meaning, something which people can relate to, enjoy, comment on and keep coming back to read more. Not the boring mundane day-to-day life of a stay at home mum, ( although I realise that there are many parents who would Β relate to that.)

So some of the subjects I have mentally made a note of are things that have affected me/my family life, things I witness outside of my haven (a.k.a. my home), things from the news, my feelings, discussions we’ve had at the dinner table as a family…..but how do I know if these are suitable topics.

Am I the only person who worries about what the post about? Should I worry about my posts and the content this much? Or should I just post whatever I feel, whatever my opinion, about absolutely anything, regardless of others?

It really is not that easy….well not to me anyway!


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