The Windy Tower of Walton on the Naze

Windy CastleThe weather man has got the forecast wrong, again! No sunshine, no hot temperatures. But as it’s not raining or windy, we decided to make the most of a lazy Saturday and take the kids up to what we call “Windy Tower”. It’s actually called The Naze Tower, but anyone who enjoys sitting through hours of Peppa Pig will understand the Windy Tower reference.

We bundled the two youngest into the trailer which I usually attach to my bike, however, if you’ve been following you’ll know that my bike is currently out of action due to the lack of saddle! The trailer is able to used a large stroller, slightly wider than a standard double buggy, but with more freedom. The children love it!

We had a lovely time, despite the overcast weather. The Naze Tower is approximately a ten minute walk from our house, but once you’re there, you feel miles away from anywhere.

It is steeped in history and was extremely relevant to World War 2. It’s also a very popular place for dog -walkers, families, school geography excursions. Peace and quiet, fresh air, open space for children to run around. You also occasionally get to see the rescue RNLI helicopter doing a practice flight over head or out at sea.

(for further information I would urge you to visit:   or

We stopped off at the Tower before our walk, for a sit down and a cuppa beforehand. Coffee and bacon roll – YUM! That was me anyway. Everyone had something; Husband coffee and bacon roll (copy-cat), T and G shared a jacket potato with cheese and had a fruit squash each and stepdaughter, E, had coffee and a sausage roll. It’s lovely to eat outside and for children to enjoy it too. But before they got too comfortable and began making requests for ice-creams (!) we left and started our walk around the Naze and following the trail from one Pillar box to another.

We let the children run around and walk with us, although G isn’t as fast as the rest of us, but that made us slow down. We’ve done the walk so many times in the past, but don’t ever really get bored of it. Its brilliant for the children to get in amongst the bushes and overgrowth, to touch things (although we had to watch all the stinging nettles), to try to find insects, etc.

I somehow managed to take 106 photos in the space of 2 hours! But I obviously cannot put them all on here, so have picked out a selections for you.

I moan, of course I do, about where I live about the things that aggravate me (who doesn’t). But I know I am very lucky to live here with such a wonderfully important and enjoyable place right on my doorstep!

Husband, T & GWalking home. Can you see my house?


5 thoughts on “The Windy Tower of Walton on the Naze

  1. We visited a windy castle at the weekend too. I’ve still not finished my post. It’s just so lovely to get out in the fresh air and long awaited sunshine. Your day looks fab!

    • Thank you.
      I’ll keep an eye out for your post.
      We did have a lovely time. The kids just love the freedom, and I love that all the running around knackers them out to ensure a good nights sleep!

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