One year old!

So my little blog is one years old today. Who would have thought the last year would have passed so quickly!

I’ve struggled with this blog. Had fits and starts. I’ve had good days, where sitting down and typing is easy-peasy. I’ve had long periods of time where I post nothing at all; I can sit down and nothing. I can just stare at my blank page and nothing appears. I’ve tried writing everything down on paper beforehand, but this hasn’t helped. I now have a journal full of half written or disregarded posts. I’ve learnt it can be frustrating to find the words. To find subjects which are good reading. I consider myself still a learner with this, and I’ve tried to pick things up. I’ve enlisted the help of my Father-in-law on numerous occasions (he is a bit of a computer genius) to help me understand all the lingo and make sure I’m not making a complete wally of myself.

But I have fallen in love with blogging. I love that I have complete control. No one can interfere. No one can tell me what to write about. I can chose when I next post. I love that my Hubby enjoys reading it, and gives me good feedback. I love that my family read it, and seem sometimes surprised that I can actually write. Who know right?

I love that I have found a world of other wonderful bloggers. One of my favourite pastimes is reading other people posts. Who knew that there are so many truly talented people out there! As a reader, you are given the privilege of being allowed into others people’s lives, and insight to their struggles, celebrations, opinions and day-to-day family life.

So, on this, my first blog-birthday I say THANK YOU to all who read, comment and share. I still get little stomach-flips/butterflies with each one. Although I started this for myself to aid stopping smoking (for the record – it didn’t work! *hangs head in shame*), I find I truly love this, and despite those periods of time where inspiration doesn’t hit me over the head, I will keep going, and I hope you will stick with me.

Thanks and lots of love xxx


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