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Upcoming posts……

Hi you gorgeous bunch of lusciousness….

It’s been a while…sorry…xx

I am in the middle of preparing a couple of, hopefully, quite good posts but…I would REALLY appreciate and enjoy having some input from fellow bloggers/readers. Just for fun really.

The first post is about SUPERSTITIONS – For example “touch wood”….Do you follow any superstitions? Do they get passed down within your family? Where do the come from? Are they unusual? Do you have any stories to share? Do you BELIEVE in them? Do you know the reason behind it? Do you pass them down to your own children?

The second is about MOVING HOUSE – one the most stressful things to deal with. How do you cope? Do you have any tips you can pass on? Do you employ a removal company or are you a Do-It-Yourself? What is the first thing you unpack? Any horror/amusing stories to share? Your top 5 tips…?

So if you’ve got anything you would like to add or have included I would love to hear from you. Please email me at making sure you include your name, your blog name and address (if applicable) at the top of the email; no later than 15th August please.

Oh exciting………I can’t wait to hear from you all.