About me..xx

About me…..?
The most important is I am a coffee lover, the stronger the better. Black (milk spoils it) with one sugar (unless I am feeling fat). Without a coffee I am miserable, difficult, unkept, ungroomed and a non-functioning individual.

I am a mum of three rugrats, L, T, and G. They drive me nuts, run circles around me, make me smile, swear and have taught me the importance of picking my arguments (does it matter if T wants to wear her gold sparkly princess shoes during the school run?) and what REALLY is important in life.

I am a Step-mum. Yes I a Wicked Step-Mother!! I look nothing like one though – I hope anyway! I have two wonderful step-children; although they are more step-adults now. They have given me invaluable experience with teens/young adults. I now know what is ahead with the rugrats. They also double up as absolutely fan-bloody-tastic babysitters (when their social lives allow!).

I am a wife to The Husband. A football and rugby loving, workaholic Husband. I am wife number two, and it’s fair to say that I keep him in his place. I occasionally allow him to believe that he is in charge, but deep down we both know that to be false.

I am a book lover, I nearly always have at least 6 books on the go. Just wish I had the time to indulge in them as much as I’d like.
I hate being late, people who are late. I dislike train/bus/boat journeys; I much prefer travelling in my car to my rules, my music, my timetable.
I like cooking, but I am rubbish at it.
I enjoy writing.
I dislike housework (come on who actually enjoys it!)
I hate gardening – I am useless. I am scared of nearly all insects and creepy-crawlies. It’s quite difficult to garden properly when you’ve always got one eye out for a spider.
I hate exercise. I am not one of those people who is naturally sporty. My comfort zone is most definitely curled up on the sofa and a book, although I always endeavour to change this.
Shopping – I loooooove a good bit of shopping. I can spend hours pouring over online shops for inspiration and ideas, usually much to the annoyance of the Husband and to the delight of the credit card company.

Please feel free to drop me a line and say hello, or leave a comment. It’s lovely to hear from you.

Enjoy reading….we’re in this together…

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