A letter to my G. xx

FR0012To G,

You are my gorgeous blond blue eyed boy, but it’s been a rocky start with us hasn’t it. You were by far the most difficult of all my children as a baby. You clung to me from day one, like a baby gorilla hanging onto its mum. You didn’t settle with anyone else other than me. You have a temper to rival even me at my worst. You don’t give in; your screaming tantrums just go on and on and on. None of this leave him to cry it out for you! You were never satisfied with any feed you were given by breast or bottle, and you never slept….!!

It was nearly ELEVEN months before you slept through the night. Since that very welcome milestone, time has flown past and you are growing into a scrummy little boy. I have to say that as I’m your Mum but it is true.

It’s fair to say that your first love is food; you are at your happiest when eating something, anything.Β  You are always the last the table, finishing off any food your sisters haven’t eaten. It’s as if you do actually have hollow legs. You do not enjoy sharing food. You even go to bed with a bottle of half drunk milk, you seem to cradle it, unable to sleep without it. (Bad mum – but anything for an easy life!)

You love cuddles and are very generous with kisses, and everytime you mumble “Love you”, I could put you in sandwich and gobble you all up.

You seem to be showing the usual (I assume) interest in boys things: everything football related, cars, trains, kicking things, buses, anything transport related. But having two older sisters is also having it’s affect on you too. You will happily sit and play with a tea-set, you will play babies with a dolly, feeding it milk, wrapping it in a blanket and putting it to bed. You love singing and dancing, and always happily join in on having your hair done and brushing other peoples.

You seem to love everyone and everyone loves you. Especially old people, ladies in particular. You lower your lashes and unleash that cheeky grin, as if butter wouldn’t melt.

You are growing up too fast, and as my “last” baby, I am trying harder to treasure all your milestones and enjoy you completely.

I am very proud of you and I hope I don’t mess up too much.

Love you bundles.

Love Mummy xxx

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