Blogs I enjoy

Being fairly new to this blogging lark, I fear I may have jumped in feet-first, and its taken until now, (approx. 6 months) for me to be able to tread water successfully (the arms bands are now off, but the L plate is staying on for the moment!).

If I’m honest I was completely unaware of the vast blogging community which is out there, and what it all entailed. It’s a big business! But I can say that it’s going well, and I feel I am part of something very special. You put your heart and soul into a post, which is “out there” for all and sundry to see, comment, criticise and praise. It can be scary stuff!

I follow a large number of blogs, for various reasons; I genuinely like the person, I find their blog posts amusing, the subjects are varied, they have a relaxed attitude, they have amazing stories to tell, they write exceptionally well, they make me smile, I can relate to them, etc.

When I find a blog I like, and properly enjoy reading it, I want to share it. Hence this page. I have listed below a list of some of the blogs I currently love reading and following (and aspire to be!). It’s not a complete list, and I will add to it as time goes on.

So pop along and have a look. I am sure you will agree with me…xx

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