Doll’s House – Beach hut

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Doll's House BEFORE and AFTER.

Doll’s House BEFORE and AFTER.


Stacey and GillWe are Gill and Stacey, mother and daughter, who share their love of the beach, the sun and believe that the beach hut is a thing of quaint beauty and relaxation. We have often walked past other huts, unable to resist the urge of peering inside.  We had been talking about getting one for years, tossing the idea around, weighing up the pros and cons. However, the conversation always ended with “When we win the lottery…”

Recently, we have been in a position to be able to buy our own beach hut, in Walton on the Naze. A small seaside town steeped in history, with an abundance of fabulous variety of beaches. Whether you want a sandy beach or prefer the pebbles, the choice is there. It is also where I live and raise my family.

So when the opportunity arose, my Mum gave me free reign to research, view and select one which ticked all the boxes. We put in an offer on a hut which had obviously once very loved but had been in recent years neglected, however, it had retained it’s character and had bundles of potential to be absolutely beautiful once again.

We were overjoyed when our offer was accepted. And we are now counting down the days until we get the keys. Doll's beach house and us!

In the meantime, however, we have chosen a name for our little hut… is to be called “Doll’s House”. It is called that in memory of my Nan and my mum’s mum. Her name was Dorothy, but was called “Doll” for short. And she would have put her hands to her mouth, thrown her head back and laughed a real crackly belly jiggling laugh at the thought. She would have loved it.

The purpose of our blog is to record the building of Doll’s House, and the fun we have in doing so.

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